Why Glorious Visions?

I recorded the very first Glorious Visions mix in early 2011. The objective was to try to record sets of an hour or two hours which were journey pieces. I have always been someone who listens to music that way. I feel music in a very personal way and it is the main reason I choose Trance as my weapon of choice when creating a mix. For me, no other genre of electronic music has the power of Trance to move you and make you feel the entire spectrum of emotions. So many times I hear that Trance is dead, but you cannot kill something that is at the core of ALL Electronic Dance Music. It will never die as long as there are people to play it and love it.

I mix with passion and try to inject energy and emotion into my mixes. To try to use the wonderful sounds that producers have created and craft them into a set that takes you to a place. Sometimes that place is one filled with light and other times it is tinged with darkness. For light to exist there must first be darkness. In any case, the Glorious Visions Trance Mix is trying to be more than just another podcast or DJ mix. This is the way I release my passion for the sound, where I feed my soul and where I express feelings and energy so that others can, hopefully, find the same pleasure that I get from both creating the mixes and listening to them.

The show has been going now for 4 years (with a few enforced breaks during that time) and, at the time of writing, I am not far off 150 shows. My mixing style has changed throughout that time and I am always learning, honing my skills and always wanting to be better.

The Glorious Visions Trance Mix is very much a personal journey into and through the music and sounds that I love, live and breathe. For me it transcends all other music. Trance is not a genre, it is not a style, it is a lifestyle choice. It is all about Passion.

To everyone that has supported me either through listening to the Radio Show each week on Trance.FM or by listening to the mixes on Mixcloud I send my thanks and love. Every one of the mixes I create, whether for the show or for Guest mixes are from my soul and from the heart. I hope that comes across in what I do and what you find here.

Glorious Visions is not about me. It is not to gain recognition for myself. It is purely to promote those that create the sounds I use and to push this music that has been such a point of strength for me throughout my life, and will hopefully continue to be there for many, many more years.

Thank you all once again for your love & support,


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My Shows Include:

The Glorious Visions Trance Mix
3rd Monday of every month
10pm till Midnight, UK time

Glorious Visions Replay
4th Monday of every month
10pm till Midnight, UK time
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I don’t have management but I do accept Promos to mark@djlockstone.co.uk or add me on Promobox
For information about Demo submissions go to the contact page.